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‘HENG’is ‘forever’, is the passing on of the classic.
‘LIANG’is ‘shiny’, is the translation of the fashionable.

In the development of knit denim industry, within 8 years, HENGLIANG manages to finish the transformation from small to big, from weak to strong.

Since in 2008, HENGLIANG has developed into the domestic leading enterprise specializing in the production of knitted denim. In the year of 2015, it was named ‘Fabrics China Pioneer Plant’ by China Textile Union. Keeping running business with scientific management, brilliant ideas, international strategies and unique geographical advantages, HENGLIANG is building up its own ‘Knit Denim Era’ gradually with forever adherence to their own corporate philosophy.

Excellent quality, is the foundation for HENGLIANG to start a career, also is the key to survival.

The status of brand, depends on the advanced production equipment: two Morrison rope dyeing production lines, 100 sets of imported circular knitting machine, three Montex finishing lines, copyrighted double-face coating, and zero-emission sulphur dyeing technologies.

All of these advanced equipment, technology showcase, to keep the production software upgrade, make online process data management. We are inspired by expanding market share and the rising quality of the demand.

Professional production team, offers the eternal power for the development of the internationalization of enterprises.

"The pursuit of the highest realm! Create one hundred year enterprise !"

As world-class technology and experience and excellent raw material suppliers to form strategic alliances, both at home and abroad to create HENGLIANG textile series products, for rapid development of enterprises laid a solid foundation.

‘Win-Win ’strategy is also another reason to HENGLIANG ’s success. Working side-by-side with INVISTA (INVISTA) companies to create superior knitted denim fabric, is a piece of praise with high-end brand all over the world; with the (ARCHROMA), (DYSTAR), (HUNTSMAN), and (BOZZETTO GROUP), and other outstanding supplier cooperation development of color knit denim projects, won “the 2015 national textile product development contribution award”; Knitting technology engineering research center cooperated with the Jiangnan university scored a number of invention and utility model patents, filled the gap on a number of world, and a number of product development and market application of awards.

“HENG”is classic , “ LIANG”is Bright , , “CHUANG” is Vision .. The three series brand of HENGLIANG are rather glamorous.

"HENG" classic, knit denim “HENG” series . It has inherited the charm of denim culture for centuries, the indigo yarn on the weft knitting weaves a variety of combinations, the combination of knitting fabric performance advantages, innovative technique to the denim culture to transmit.

"LIANG" means gorgeous, knit denim “LIANG” series. Getting rid of a denim either blue or black color, a variety of dyeing and finishing processing technology combined with the popular element, show luxurious color pattern and surface texture, reveal the plasticity and recreate feeling of knitting fabric.

"CHUANG" is the vision, knit denim CHUANG series. The forefront technology deeply excavates the process of knitted denim, washable single-sided and double-sided knitting denim, zero emissions of dyeing process.

Various capacities exist between woven and weft knitting denim, is the new starting point of the industry, is also a new standard in the industry.

We completed the brand's global layout with increasing growth of production and development of market. We rely on excellent quality and excellent marketing team with the fastest speed among the forefront of precision marketing and achieve the brand of perfect docking.

In the long river of enterprise development, a series of effective ideas and strategic measures, make enterprises win more honor, such as the title of Chinese popular fabrics for enterprise, national knitted denim product development base. HENGLIANG won several national textile enterprise product design excellence award and best market application.

With the effort of all people from HENGLIANG, our company has been certificated by ISO14001,ISO9001, and OEKOtex100.

In the meanwhile, our employees of HENGLIANG Textile, have been provided the high quality of work life environment and system of skills training; offer a series of cultural activities to promote the team's cohesion and affinity; Based on a large number of senior technical personnel and management personnel unremitting efforts, HENGLIANG Textile has been the suppliers of many world-class international brand .

The future, what does that mean to us?

The future is persistent insist, is the rapid and constant growth. We wish to cast eternal classic for centuries and become a leader to the industry.

Our faith never change!

The light of "HENG(constant)" Shines, “bright”the world, HENGLIANG textile.

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